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About us

SHIP IT LAB aims to provide first-class supply chain management service for your domestic and international shipments, included ocean containers, air cargo, land transportation, customs clearance, dangerous cargo, multimodal transportation services and cargo insurance.

Being one of leaders in sea freight industry in the region, SHIP IT LAB provides customers a competitive advantage. As a full logistics service provider we try to satisfy all our partners needs, allowing them to enjoy the feeling that their cargo is in good hands.

Due to our position as a neutral handling agent we have no prejudices or preclusive preferences regarding potential business partners. We offer optimal transit and tailor-made pricing by contracting multiple carriers.

SHIP IT LAB can accommodate your unique sea freight needs, regardless of scheduling requirements.

Let us make your journey simple!


Icon ocean transport


Cooperating with leading ocean carriers and excellent ocean freight forwarders for your trade lanes, who is ready to meet your special requirements and ship your cargoes by the most cost and time saving way, no matter whether loaded in dry container, reefer container, flat rack container, open top container, or if it's a general cargo or hazardous cargo.
Icon lcl transport


LCL stands powerful way to transport your cargo. Why waste your time and wait for a full container shipment, when you can arrange LCL shipment and have your goods moved thru your supply chain. Don't wait - send them as soon as they are ready. Our cooperation with top LCL providers ensure that the service will meet your request.
Icon land transport


In SHIP IT LAB, you have the chance to get direct cooperation with the qualified road transport service providers to deal a very good price than in market to transport your cargoes, no matter it is by container load or less than container load.
Icon ltl transport


LTL is essential for transporting your smaller, more frequent shipments. No matter the size of your shipment, SHIP IT LAB will find the best solution to move your cargo. Businesses often choose this budget-friendly option when transporting smaller volume of cargo that don't need full trucking service.
Icon air transport


Air transport is normally used to ship emergent and high valued cargoes. You can find the best suitable option through SHIP IT LAB to ship your cargoes considering your demand for the price, routing or transit time.
Icon warehouse services


If you need storage, stuffing, consolidating, palletizing, labeling, fixing or repacking etc in warehouse, just sending us your enquiry on line, SHIP IT LAB will give you the best help with more options and better price. You can even specifically find the best warehouse to meet your requirement on location.
Icon customs clearance


SHIP IT LAB can provide customs clearance service for import or export cargoes in order for your cargoes to ship smoothly.
Icon insurance


SHIP IT LAB cooperates with the first class insurance companies on all continents to provide you the inland and international transport insurance coverage at competitive rates.
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